Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Have you guys ever think bout your past memories??Memories with your childhood friends, your primary schoolmates, your secondary schoolmates, your university friends, your roomates, housemates, even your ex-boyfriend(s).............(silence with a frog sound) Damn it! Okay!Okay!I admit that actually I wanna talk bout my ex-boyfriend which i can call a past mistake and hell yeah, it's kinda sweet memories too....You guys don't tell me your past love is a very big mess and don't even have sweet memories in it...Sure it was at least a bit of sweet memories...

Ermm..I know this is wrong (to think bout my ex-boyfriend) but I admit that sometimes, it just pop out from my mind...and sometimes certain songs makes the memories come out...Like today...I listen to this particular song from a particular band with a particular title and a particular music and lyrics and the whole songs reminded me of my ex-boyfriend (once i had a relationship with him back to 9 years ago...urghhh....This is bad...But not to worries, its just a big mistake i've done and its just being a very unsuccessful relationship (i can say that becoz i'm married and i'm happy with my husband...The best husband in the world : Jujur dan ikhlas tau)

Hurmmmm...That's it...Aku saja ja nak tau kalau2 hampa pon experience the same feelings as i am....Sebab memang kadang2, once in a blue moon bila tgk satu2 tempat or terdengar sesetengah lagu or ternampak sesetengah org boleh mengingatkan kita pada seseorang dari masa lampau..It's kinda know...Jap, ke aku yang tak normal coz i can't move on with my current life and i still live with the past... tak kan...aku normal kan sebab hampa pon kadang2 mesti teringat jugak kan...kan...kan...whatever...I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

Ok..sampaii di sini bos came in already and I need to pretend like I'm doing my work...hahahahah...(Pemalas!)

Salam dan have a nice day! (^_^)

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