Saturday, March 26, 2011

I was running out of IDEAS actually...

It's been quite some time since my blog was updated.........say about last week was my last update...haha...not so long actually....

Hurmmmm...The truth is I'm running out of IDEAS....I used to come out with my issues, my opinions and my stupid thoughts...but for now, I don't have all of em'....Not even the stupid thoughts!

So, that's why I keep silence and took away all my ten fingers from typing this blog! Seriously!Haha...You know I'm not serious bout taking away my fingers...Bla...Bla...Bla...

Errmm...What's up with Glee picture??This is the story. I watched Glee last night... Well, coincidently...And in this episode, they highlighted about relationship issues among Rachel & Finn, Tina & Mike and Artie & Brittany...(Whoaaa..That's impressive!I know all of the character names in Glee..Whuttaaaa...cut it off!!forget bout it!haha)

Back to Glee.So, these couples have an issue bout their relationships where Rachel found out that Finn had an affair with Santana last summer. And all of the team knew bout it except Rachel...Rachel is extremely upset bout this and she wants to do the exact same thing to Finn where she almost...She almost slept with Puck! They're just kissing but not any further than that....
And as for Tina & Mike and Artie & Brittany, both Tina and Artie have the sense that Brittany and Mike are cheating on them! And they feel like had been betrayed. At the same time, the singing competition is around the corner, but all of them have their own dramas of their relationships!And finally, Glee won the singing competition!And beyond of anything else, all of them letting go all the issues and get back happily together until Finn talk to Rachel he will never ever keep any secret from her again...So, Rachel told Finn about what happened between her and Puck..Finn pissed-off, definitely!And they broke up! Finn felt so unfair because when he was having the affair with Santana, he was not in a relationship with Rachel!Oh my!!!Crap!Rachel screwed up by her own anger!

And, I begin to think.....Think....and think....Why most of the girls / women always do stupid mistakes which leads them to the worst situation???Why???Haha...React without thinking wisely...and at the end of the day, they're ruining their own life!Exactly!I also did some idiot stuff when I have issues in my relationship with my husband....It just happenned...Tapi takdak laaa screw up sampai break off....hahaha....gado2 manja laa..haha...

Indeed, women should think really deep before they do something that actually not making it way better! They'll just screw up and making it even worst!Betul tak???Erm..This is what i experienced laaa...No offense..I repeat, most of the girls will face this kind of attitude...not all..some of them...And I'm proud to announce that I'm one of them!Always react like an idiot!Haha!

So...that's it! Thanx to GLEE for giving me such a lesson and actually giving me idea on what to type in my blog....haha....

Ok...I'm sleepy now...I wanna have a good sleep rite now because I've no class tomorrow which means I can wake up late!Yeeayyyyy!!!!I'm the happiest person in the world!

Well, I really have to stop now...

Bye, sekian and wassalam,

~Mrs Chot~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Dark-side of FB or any other social network website!

Yeaa...I know....I know....I'm so like yesterday....While actually everyone already discover how FB can be worst to some of us....But I just discover today that FB is making me stressful day by day... That's the dark side of FB for me...Why would I say that???Why FB is making me stressful??Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????With long sad face.....

1st Reason:-

FB helps us to get to know new friends and also connect us with our long last old friends....Well actually its good! But it's in fact not good

either....because when FB connects us, basically it shows us how happy our friends' perfect they successful they are...You know why I’m being so bad hearted like so jealous with their good life?? Because, everyday when I log in to my FB, there's a 'News Feed' that shows all my friends updates and status and pictures and everything...Seeing them with good jobs, good news, sometimes with

pregnancy tickers, pregnancy countdown is seriously heartbreaking me...It’s such a miserable thoughts/feelings…Yea, I know I sounded so pathetic….But it’s true…I am totally cheerless!

Imagining me updating my FB status of getting pregnant is even more pathetic…Haha…Yes I am…I'm wayyyyy toooo desperate with my life...I wanna have a gud job, gud life, getting pregnant so that I can deliver such a cute baby....But when seeing my friends with those updates without me getting a chance of feeling the same is damn tough!Yup....

2nd Reason:-

Ermmmm...Lemme think bout the 2nd reason.....Ermmmmmmmmm.....Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok...Alamakk...Rupanya ada 1 je darkside of FB... hahahahahha....

Oklaaa...I'm done typing with the dark-side of FB...That's it....hahaha....Sakit hati??Takpa laa...dah tu ja darkside of FB yang aku nampak...selain stalking others page...tu aku pon selalu stalk page FB org..hahahaha....Yea, I'm a stalker!

~Sekian, Wassalam~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Bothers?

Who cares if I eat hundred times a day? Who cares if I sleep the whole day? Who cares if I watch TV 24/7? Who cares? Who bothers?

The family cares!! Yes! The family cares!

Indeed, I love my family very much!much!much!much! hihi!

Sekian, wassalam!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

People Make mistake!

Everybody knows : People make mistake - Human being ain't perfect.

But why there're still some "jerks" out there can't accept that people somehow will make a mistake?We're just a human being lahh!?We're not perfect!I made a mistake...You made a mistake!Everybody does!

So, wake up!!Come on laaa!Grow up!

Sekian, wassalam.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tafsiran Mimpi

Malam tadi aku mimpi aku mengandung!It's so real!Aku rasa mcm betul...RUpanya, bila dah jaga, baru aku tau tu mimpi je...Haha...Kesian...

So, aku saja laaa "Google" look for tafsiran mimpi mengandung...

Dan, aku jumpa laaa numbers of results mengenai tafisran mimpi mengandung....

Tapi, kita boleh baca, percaya ok kot...tapi jangan terlalu percaya sampai kita lupa pada yang lebih Maha Mengetahui --> ALLAH s.w.t..

Ok lah...Aku ada bebrapa tafsiran untuk mimpi mengandung!

1) Untuk suami yang bermimpikan isterinya mengandung :
Tafsiran = Sesuatu yang buruk mungkin akan menimpa / berlaku.. (Wallahualam.ALLAH saja yang lebih mengetahui)

2) Kalau diri sendiri (perempuan) yang mimpi dia mengandung :
Tafsiran A : Generally membawa maksud akan mendapat keuntungan besar berbentuk wang & harta... (Wallahualam.ALLAH saja yang lebih mengetahui)

Tafsiran B : Kemungkinan juga membawa maksud mimpi mengandung ni mungkin jugak dia bakal mengandung tak lama lagi....(Wallahualam.ALLAH saja yang lebih mengetahui)

But for those yang belum kawin tapi mimpi mengandung, bermaksud orang2 terdekat akan mengandung...(Wallahualam.ALLAH saja yang lebih mengetahui)

Tapi, ni semua mimpi....hanya mimpi....kita percaya atau pon tak percaya itu terpulang pada diri sendiri....Yang pasti, Kita hanya merancang, ALLAH yang menentukan...

Aku cerita mimpi aku ni kat husband aku....Dia kata, Insyaallah, kalau ada rezeki kami nak dapat anak, ada laaa tu...Kalau takdak pon, ada laaa rezeki dtg kot lain....

Oklah...yang sebenaqnya aku ni tgh dok study Macroeconomic...sambil buat assignment...Tapi, tiba2 otak jammed kalah jalan jammed kat KL ni..tu yang aku bukak laptop taip blog...

Time to focus on study back!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Feelings Come Again!

Yes!Last Night I was mumbling bout those people with the 'busy body' questions and now I got the feelings again....The thoughts of getting pregnant and having a baby is here again...I almost forget bout it...I don't really think bout it anymore but that feelings come again right now.....How laaa weii? Hurm...Seeing all my friends pregnant and have kids is pretty challenging! It hurts! Ouchhh!

People told me to just get over it....Act as usual...Don't stress...Rilex...But how???Is there any pain killer that can kills away all my thoughts and feelings bout this matter??Kalau ada bak mai sikit kat aku!

~Out of my all happy friends, I'm the one who is SAD..huhuhu....~


I am sleepy!I am sleepy!I am sleepy!I am sleepy!

Excuse Me, This Is Beyond My Control Lah!!

This is beyond my control!This is beyond my power!This is beyond my capability. This is beyond my own dominance! (Say it out loud slowly)

Nahhhh!!I really can't stand with those busy body questions asking me bout when am i having a baby...I'm calling this as LUCK!Well, I'm not lucky enough to have a baby straight away after I'm married!I might have to wait a year, or 2 years or 3 years or 10 years or even longer!Who knows?I don't know!Do you know when will I get pregnant?Do they know?Do my parents know??Well, the answer is NO...Nobody knows...Only ALLAH knows when....So, never ask!Because I'm sick of those questions!I'm begging you!I even knee you down and beg for never asking me that question again until the time has come!Thank you for your co-operation so called as support!I appreciate that! Seriously...(in the most sarcastic way ever!haha..)

Ok..I'm done for tonite! I'm just letting out part of my un-satisfied-feels-of-heart-and-mind into this blog of mine...Do you care?Do anybody cares?HELL NO...I'm ok with it...(smiley face)

Last but not least, Wassalam~