Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Am Torn•••

I am sad.
I am pathetic.
I am a sobber.
I am unhappy.

I am so sad.
I am so pathetic.
I am so a sobber.
I am so unhappy.

I am extremely sad.
I am extremely pathetic.
I am extremely a sobber.
I am extremely unhappy.

But Thank ALLAH. I still have my faith and I still believe everything happens for reason. I still believe everything happens for a better things.

But I am a normal human being.

I am still sad.
I am still pathetic.
I am still a sobber.
I am still unhappy.

So,to make me feel better, i CRY. I cry a lot. The more I cry, the more I feel relieve. Because ALLAH create we people to have those kind of unstable emotions and feelings.

Nite peeps! Have a nice day!

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