Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Am Just Blabbering About Life Which Will Be A Verrryyyyyyyyyyyy Longggggg Entry <------ You Can See It From The Title

Hellooooooooooooooo all!

You all know that I got MC for 6 weeks = 43 days. My MC started on 30th Jan till 2nd March 2012 which leads me to super boringness. Well not so boring actually. It's been 2 weeks now and I actually already went to work on Monday and Tuesday.

What did I do last 2 weeks? Errmm.. I've been listening to songs (my all time fav boyband - BSB), watching movies, Japanese drama series, reading novels, sleeping (after a second of thinking, I actually don't sleep much. I woke as early as at 6am everyday and this isn't happen when I have to go to work.True story.)

I've listened to BSB, N'SYNC,WESTLIFE,SPICE GIRLS etc.. Those were so0o0o0 famous back then when I was in high school. Really reminded me to old times which I wish to go back and enjoy every single moment. Fyi, I bought every cassettes of BSB. It's not easy tho....I have to save all my expenses. I don't really buy food at the school canteen. And...and...and...I even bought a walkman with my savings! Owh that time is so0o0o0o0 amazing when we have a walkman. So cool!

Part of that, I also watched movies. The Bridesmaids, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Sleepless in Seattle, Pride & Prejudice, Fast&Furious 5, The Switch, Real Steel etc...

And I watched Japanese Drama Series too - Hanazakari No Kimitachi E. Yeah, I know this series a bit outdated. It was produced, if I'm not mistaken in 2007. I actually watched the Taiwan version previously. But trust me. Japanese version wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better!!!! The main actress and actors are all much much more cute & handsome than the Taiwan version...Seriously! Owh. For those who never watched these series, let me brief u a bit of it.

There's a girl, Ashiya Mizuki from California-America (she's a pure Japanese) come back all the way to Japan to enroll into a boys school named Ohsaka Gakuen for only one reason. She want to meet up her idol who is a high jump athlete, Sano Izumi to convince him to do high jump again. Sano Izumi had issues in his life and he decided to quit high jump and Ashiya Mizuki felt that Sano must do the high jump again without giving up. So, the rest of the stories I suggest you guys go search for it. Sure you'll be addicted to it. :) A part from the character of Ashiya and Sano, I also adores other characters in this series. Nakatsu always being so cute, protective and nice to Ashiya. Nanba is the head dorm and so flirtatious. The rest of the characters are all funny and adorable. Serious!

And I eventually been daydreaming of all these characters and I believe I've been weirdly obsessional. Yes I do....

Ok. I'm gonna stop with my obsession of this Japanese series.

And......I'd also finished reading a novel entitled "Notting Hill With Love...Actually" by Ali McNamara. It's her first novel actually. It was published back at 2010. And if I'm not mistaken, she wrote a new book named "Breakfast at Darcy's"....This one I haven't bought or read it yet.Well..."Notting Hill With Love...Actually"...It's a good book.The storyline, I can say it's quite the same as other romantic novels actually. The synopsis gotta be like this = There's a girl named Scarlett. Engaged to a guy (David) and she found out that there's nothing in common between them. She's so0o0o0o0 into movies and cinemas. An that guy seems don't really understand her feelings and her obsession towards movies. And this guy is sort of so into DIY projects so that they can save a penny whereas, it really drive Scarlett crazy as hell. And too bad, Scarlett's dad and her bestfriend, Maddie also think as David's. They think Scarlett has wayyyyyy too much of obsession in movies till she's really seems to be living in her own world of fantasies. Then Maddie suggested that Scarlett should go for a break and have a thought for a while. So, Scarlett agree and she'll be house sitting for a couple at Notting Hill for a month. This is where she met another guy (Sean) which irritates her a lot but at the same time had been so adorable too. When she's there, she discovers that a lot of her day to day activities seems to be happenned in some scene of her favourite movies too. There's a lot of romantic, fun and interesting part of this novel that I think I could perhaps fall for all these created moments as well. As I really put myself as Scarlett into this novel..Hahahaha....That's why I end up watching Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Pride and Prejudice and Sleepless in Seattle. Hahahaha...Terpengaruh dow......

Ermmm....And I was back in Taiping on last Thursday....and I'm back in KL on Tuesday.Owhhhh.It's yesterday....well,I did nothing in Taiping.Whole day lepaking at home.Only on Monday I went out to visit my grandma and my aunty.Other than that,it's just another non-productive holidays for me. Owh yea...During my visit to my aunty's house,my best friend's mom,Aunty Farah came to my parents' house to visit me actually-unexpectedly....And she also brought a dozen of Big Apple donuts for me! How sweet....Baru je termimpi2 teringin gila babi nak makan donut,tetiba parents Fana bawak donuts...Thanks for ur concern aunty&uncle....And I post a thank you note to her Facebook. And her comments made me somehow feel so touched and my tears are about to burst. (Tapi sempat tahan laa..Hihi)

Referring to my doctor's appointment on last Wednesday,she asked me to lose 6 kilos...Sounds easy huh? It's super HARD actually. The more I was asked to diet and lose weight, the more I eat. Makan tu normal la kan.Tapi aku makan macam org gila...Mak aku sampai ckp,nanti aku balik KL husband aku dah tak kenal aku....Ok, mom exaggerate....And I ended with gaining 2 kilos to my weight. Thanks to my mom's cooking.

I'll go to work today. Today is Wednesday...Oh gosh! Am I forgetting the dates? I can only tell u what day but I really don't have any idea what is the date today..or tomorrow...or last week...what months are we now?Owh,it's February...I just took a look at my calendar...Longggg holidays turns me into a "not-aware-of-dates" person...Hurmmmm....

What else?? Owh yea! I'll be going for a short-getaway-honeymoon this coming weekend....Yeay!Dekat ja...Pi Cherating ja...And I'm pretty sure there'll be a PHD-kinda-person yang akan mengata aku kat ofis dia and telling them, "Owhh peeps!There she goes again.She's going for a honeymoon for don't know how many times with her husband for nothing!!They always ended to be not pregnant.Such a waste"...Hell yea!Aku buat surgery ni pon jadi issue...dah habis satu ofis dia tau pasal aku.And they will surely think how pathetic I am kan coz I had to go thru all these things. Anyway,like my grandma said, "Other people will never understand our problems or anything bout us if they don't face it themselves untill when they really had gone thru the same situations as us,then only they will understand how hard it is"
Faham tak apa yang aku tulis ni? Aku rasa mcm berbelit2 pulak bahasa inggeris aku ni...Senang cakap,"Org lain xkan faham apa yg kita lalui unless depa pon mengalami situasi yg sama mcm kita,baru depa nak paham" Haaa...lebih kurang camtu laaa apa yg opah aku ckp...

Anything else??hurmm... Aku rasa dah cukup aku membebel....Sampai di sini sahaja. Few pictures for u to see....Huhu........

~Big Apple Donuts given by Aunty Farah~

~My on-going novel to be finished soon~

~Finished reading this novel~

~I can't stop watching this series. Best!!~

~Tetiba teringin nak pi menenangkan jiwa kat lighthouse ni. Kat Malaysia ada tak??~

Salam and have a nice day all!!!


fida sunary said...

Sabar itu sebahagian dari Iman, biar lar apa orang kata. Yang penting Allah tahu & ur husband 7 family know what happen.

Mrs Chot said...

Aishh!Ada jugak yg sanggup nak baca entry yang tah pape and sgt panjang ni...Hahahaha..Thanks Kak Fid. Yea. I always believe in ALLAH. HE knows what's best for us. :)

thisisfarhana said...

aku baca ssekali lalu ja, tapi aku tengok gambaq. bak mai donut skitttttt. mak aku pun pn tak pnh beli donut camtu kat aku... dia beli donut gula tu je.. hihihihih

Mrs Chot said...

Fana:Hahaha..Eleeiiiii..Mengaku je laaa sebenarnya ko baca sampai habis kan???Hihihi...Nanti aku plak belanja hang makan donat big apple ni....Tu tandanya mak hang sayang gak kat aku....Huhu... :)