Saturday, December 11, 2010

I prefer Taiping rather than here - KL

What's up with my post title???Ermm...If I prefer live in Taiping , why did I live,work & bought a house here??That's what we called destiny.I plan to stay in Taiping.Work there.Bought a house there...So that i can live near to my parent's house.I plan to continue my study in Engineering.I plan to be a teacher.I plan to get married at the age of 26. I plan to have a baby right after married. I plan to go for a special honeymoon.But neither of those is happening like what i planned.I'm currently living in KL.Bought a house here.Have a family&commitment here.I'd further my study in IT and instead of being a teacher,
I'm a secretary+Admin staff.I'm married at the age of 24.I'm still hoping to get pregnant now.
So,none of them are not happening as planned because We're human.We can only plan our life but The Almighty ALLAH got the right to either make it happen or not. And, we as a human has to accept whatever our destiny is. I believe everything that happens in my life definitely has it own good reason.

Tapi, fitrah manusia laaa kekadang tu rasa tak puas hati.rasa kecewa dgn life.rasa menyesal dgn apa yang dah jadi...Macam aku...Aku taktau laaa kenapa aku tak suka dok KL...Aku dok KL sebab aku terpaksa.
Aku ada komitmen.Aku kerja bukan sebab aku minat dgn kerja aku atau obses dgn kerja aku.Tapi,aku kerja sebab aku perlukan gaji aku tu nak bayar semua komitmen aku a.k.a hutang2 aku..Hahaha....I know i sound so desperate!Whatever...Dah betul...

Susah laa....Bila aku rasa rinduuuu sgt kat family aku kat Tepeng tu, how am i gonna do?balik tepeng immediately?Call them?Hurmm....

Dah laa...aku merapu+merepek ni haa...Sebabnya...Hurmmm...Aku dah memang boring dok kat KL ni....JEMU laa!!!BORING laa!!!Tolonglaaaa......Haihhhhhzz....


Definitely TAIPING!TAIPING!TAIPING! KL??? Duhhh!!Boringggg...Haha.


Elin said...

yeah...tepeng besh..

MRS. K said...

i prefer taiping too.. luckly me, my hubby nak ikut me balik tepeng lepas pencen

Mrs Chot said...

Nanti dah pencen nak balik dok Tepeng jugak laaa...hihihi..LOVE Tepeng!!!