Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Thousand Eleven : 2 0 1 1

Wahh! It's end of the year already! Means I've been married almost a year! Feels like I just being terribly bz with my wedding preparation and now it's been a year! Time passes by extremely fast. Kalah train paling laju kat Jepun tu!

What are my plans for 2011??I already think of a number of things to be done during 2011...But..Emmm...still, it depends to the budget for sure.Haha.Org kaya pon tau nak budget.Inikan pulak org sederhana mcm aku ni.

Hurmm...I’m gonna list down my plans for 2011 in here so that within 12 months next year hopefully all of the list will be accomplished successfully+happily+blissfully...

1. Continue my study in Degree.

2. Expecting a new family member. Hopefully. Insya'allah. (^_^)

3. Paint all my 3 bedrooms with new color and re-arrange the furniture. I wanna make it more homey cozy and nicer!!

~Green theme for Master Bedroom - Not bad huh??~

~Pink/Purple&Black theme for 2nd Bedroom - nice!~

~Designs for 3rd bedroom.Cantikk kan?kan?~

4. Lose my weight at least 48-50kg. I'm now 56kg for your info!

5. Work harder + smarter + more hardworking + more organized + all great2 things in my career.

6. Buy a new+big fridge!Haha.

7. Buy an oven so that next Aidilfitri I can bake cookies and cakes! Or macaroons!

8. Add more plants at my balcony.

9. New gazebo outside of my home.Cewahhh!

10. Make myself to be closer to ALLAH s.w.t (Insya'allah)
11. Go for a vacation! I’m thinking of Redang Island and Philea Resort & Spa! Awesome place to plan for a vacation! Can’t wait! Yeay! (Eyes rolling)

~Redang Island is so0o0o0 beautiful!~

~Philea Resort & Spa : Mcm kat tempat omputih kan?Actually it's located at Ayer Keroh Melaka!~
12. Be a better person. Better wife. Better daughter+daughter in law. better!better!better person than this year definitely!

Hurmm..For now, I think that's all. If there's anything new that I think it can be done by next year I'll type it out in here right away...These list will be my guideline for 2011! So, HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance! (^_^)

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