Sunday, November 27, 2011


Love requires understandings, sacrifice, tolerances, gives & takes, chemistry and all those good things. Without em', love will always still be love but the love won't be like what we wanted it to be.

Love is something we can feel but we'll never got to touch or see the love.

Love hurts sometimes. We'll never move on if love did not hurt us even once with it own way of hurting us.

First love will always be our first love. Though it didn't turn out to be our last, our first will always remain in our mind. Doesn't matter whether it was a sweet memory or the worst it'll always be our first love. I'll bet u'll remember ur first love for the rest of your life.U'll remember every single bit of it and sometimes it'll pop out from ur mind and u can't resist.Ever.

Love is subjective. Depends on how each person defines it.

Love is universal. It's not only for male and female.

Love can be extremely fun and it can be extremely painful.

Love is some kind of loan from ALLAH for us. It's temporary among us human.

There's only One Love that permanently will be in us is Love for ALLAH. That is certain.

Oklah. Till we meet again.

Salam and have a nice day peeps!

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