Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding Outdoor Photoshoot ~Haihzz~

Out of nowhere, I envy those who did their wedding outdoor photoshoot....Especially in Taiping!Well, because the scenery is momentous yet outrageous!!And I can say that the sense of regretting it is so0o0o inside of me...Hahahah...Dah macam tajuk lagu dlm movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall laaa plakk aku ni..Cuma tajuk dia : Inside of You...Aku lak, Inside of Me...hehe..Damnn!!!Wish I can turn back time and do a wedding outdoor photoshoot too!!
It's okay,Faten...I'll be fine...I'll wait till i'm pregnant and I'll do a beautiful photoshoot then...Or I'll wait until i deliver my 1st baby out and do a happy family photoshoot...Or..Arghh..I don't even know when I'll be pregnant, hello!!!Plus, having a baby???When??Urghh..I don't know....This is beyond my power..Let's leave this to ALLAH s.w.t....HE definitely knows better than all of us in this universe...(Hoping so badly that sooner or later I'm gonna be a mum too!)
Well...Am I getting so desperate to do a photoshoot??Or..It's just my idiot feelings about photoshoot??Or...Is it because I am so JEALOUS looking at others wedding outdoor photoshoot taken so beautifully in Taiping?? I am NUTS! (Faten Tepung Gandum!!haahaa!!)

Indeed....Aku memang suka tengok gambar2 wedding outdoor photoshoot kat Taiping..The lake garden..the view, etc..Everything come out perfectly in pictures! ~Kesian kat aku...Takda outdoor photoshoot time kawen haritu..HuHu~

~Cantek kan gambar2 ni??All the pictures are amazing! -Credit to Reyna for such a lovely pictures~


ReYNa said...

aik..ade gmba i kat sini?suke2!hahhaha..ala faten.nape x tgkap gmba outdoor kat tpg aritu.rugiiii.anyway.takpa.mcm u ckp.boleh tgkp gmba family nnti.

Elin said...

tepeng d heritage town..mang cantik... kan :)

Mrs Chot said...

Reyna : Cantikk!i suka semua gambo2 u...huhu..tetibe jeles....haritu time kawen taktau laaa pasaipa i tak pi outdoor shoot...memang rugiiiii sangat...takpelaa...tunggu next time bila dah ada family laaa kot..tapi lain lagi best..huhu.. :(
Alin : Tepeng memang the BEST!!haha.