Monday, November 29, 2010

Mr & Mrs Chot - Weekend Activities

What were my activities during last weekend. Below are what i did for the past few days! Hahaha!Poyo je aku..Macamlaaa artis nak bagitau aku buat apa..tapi takpa..untuk rujukan aku balik in future..Wahhh..gitulaaa aku...Feeling!

SATURDAY NITE : Wanie came and slept over at my house. We didn't sleep the whole nite and we made Caramel Pudding at 5am in the morning! These are the result!

~Before and after the Caramel Pudding had been modified by us~

SATURDAY : We went to my husband's ex-schoolmate's wedding at Putrajaya. The road was so0o0oo0 jammed until i feel like want gambo...i only took one pic of me in the car.


SUNDAY NITE : Me, my husband, Wanie & Wan decided to watch movie but before that, we went to Oldtown White Coffee near my house area to have our dinner. Then, we went for a movie at GSC Pavi - Rapunzel 3D!It was an awewome movie as this was one of my favourite fairytale during my childhood. But i was too tired and sleepy due to my sleepless nite&day (i haven't had enough sleep this time) so, i fall asleep during this movie.Serious!I've forced my eyes to keep watching the movie but......I'm still sleepy....So, i know it was a great story and I'll definitely go and watch this movie again!Definitely!

~Me & my husband at Oldtown : Pretending to avoid the Papparazzi~

~Rapunzel 3D VS my husband wearing the 3D glass~

We arrived home around 4am and straight away sleep. We woke up at 12pm the next day!

SUNDAY : As i mentioned above, we both woke up at 12pm. Go shower, basuh baju, sidai baju, kemas rumah, vacuum satu rumah dan buat semua kerja2 yang berkaitan dengan kekemasan rumah. End up rumah takde laaa kemas mane pon..saje je nak propa....heheh...After dah settle semua, me and my husband bersiap untuk hantar adik aku,Aidil balik UNITEN. (Lupe nak bagitau my 3 brothers dtg melepak kat rumah aku since now is school holiday). Me, my husband, Aidil, Afiq & Iiman went out about 3pm.

1. Our 1st destination is UNITEN - to send Aidil back to campus.
2. 2nd destination : We went for a movie at Cineleasure, The Curve - Ngangkung!
3. 3rd destination : Balik rumah laaa....

We arrived Cineleasure at 6pm. Our movie time was 7.15pm....What did we do during this 1hour gap?

1. 1st activity : Eat Lecka Lecka ice-cream!Yummy!
2. 2nd activity : Waited for En Chot BERAK..punya laaa lama dia pi melepas...Haihhh..
3. 3rd activity : Went down to Ground floor of Cineleasure and went in to RM5 magazines&book store. I bought 6 books equals to RM30.Haha...Saje nak perabih duit!
4. 4th activity : Solat Maghrib dulu before movie....
5. 5th activity : Sempat lagi beli popcorn!
6. Final activity : Masuk panggung laaa...Tgk cita Ngangkung!

Result : Best jugak cita ni! Lawakkkkk....Out of 5 stars, I give 4 stars...

~Serious! Lawak cita ni!~
~Ni laa buku-buku RM5 yang aku beli tu..hihi~

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