Friday, February 11, 2011

::Settle-ing Down in Taiping::

Ah haaaa!! I was thinking about this (balik Tepeng and stay kat Tepeng sampai bebila!) for about..Emmm...(counting with my fingers)...I've been thinking since my day 1 I reached KL on 2003...How was that? If I do love to stay in Taiping so much, why did I came to KL and decided KL to be my first place to further study??I even worked for about 4 years and bought a house here in KL!Whyyyy???Hurmmmm...I'm not putting this regrets to anybody includes me....I'm just wondering why??Haaa!Tu laaa yang dikatakan, "Kita hanya merancang, ALLAH yang menentukan."

Oklah...Tajuk yang boringgg! I admit!


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